Stock of bare rims:

  • Rims (between 8 and 54 inch diameter) are available on stock
  • The most preferred sizes are also in our warehouse
  • Rims of 3-and 5 parts, in the most popular brands
  • Approximately 5000 rims on stock

Disc manufacturing:

  • Pre-cutting of the flat disc with CNC plasma
  • Pressing the shape of the disc with a 2000 ton hydraulic press
  • Defining and shaping the  external diameter, or special form of the disc, and  connection holes with laser cutting machine
  • Drilling the centre hole and boltholes for thicker and/or special discs


  • Adjusting and positioning the disc within the wheel
  • Spot welding of the disc inside the wheel


  • Double-sided welding of the disc and/or reinforcement parts

Finishing touch:

  • Metal-shot blasting
  • Painting with two-component “primary coating”
  • Final layer  with high-gloss two-component coating


  • Inspection of the side- and height-rotation/tolerance
  • Labeling the wheels in order to show dimensions and measurement
  • Packing and wrapping up


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